TV Update — “Triumph at Kapyong”

Just a little update … a couple of TV interviews about  “Triumph at Kapyong” are coming up in the next few days, tied to Remembrance Day..
On TVO (TV Ontario), Allan Gregg’s interview with me will run this Friday Nov 4th at 10 pm … for those outside the TVO Ontario viewing area, Allan’s interviews are to be found on the TVO website at:

And on Peter’s Mansbridge’s “One-on-One,” his interview with me on CBC Television will re-run this Saturday, November 5th on News Network (Newsworld) at 5:30 pm Eastern Time; and again at 9:30 pm Eastern time … and on Sunday the 6th on the main CBC network at 12:30 noon local time.
Here’s the link to Peter’s first broadcast last spring:

The re-broadcast will have a new updated intro from Peter. Here’s the link to the One-on-One home page:

Hope you enjoy these programs if you get a chance to watch them.


About Dan Bjarnason

Dan Bjarnason is the author of "Triumph at Kapyong, Canada's Pivotal Battle in the Korean War." Bjarnason was a television news and documentary reporter for The National at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over 35 years, He specialized in military history and has worked on documentaries from the Little Bighorn to the Falklands. He now lives in Toronto and can be reached at:
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