Aussie movie on Kapyong

The Korean crisis certainly is on peoples minds these days. Which is good news for movie-makers, television producers and historians of the Korean war.

The Aussies are now making a movie on the 1951 battle at Kapyong in which Canadian riflemen (2PPCLI) played such a major role. 

And a Toronto film company is now putting together a project for a docu-drama on Kapyong. 

Interest in all this will doubtless grow more intense as the battle’s 60th anniversary (April 24, 2011) draws closer. Many veterans of this amazing battle are making plans for a return to the site of their triumph. The foxholes of the Canadian defenders are remote from the beaten path, and are now largely overgrown and many are inaccessible. Surviving Kapyong veterans of this remarkable action are now in their 80s. Few returning for the 60th anniversary commemoration will be able to visit their actual precariously-positioned slit trenches, slowly being lost from view to the bushes and foliage. 




About Dan Bjarnason

Dan Bjarnason is the author of "Triumph at Kapyong, Canada's Pivotal Battle in the Korean War." Bjarnason was a television news and documentary reporter for The National at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over 35 years, He specialized in military history and has worked on documentaries from the Little Bighorn to the Falklands. He now lives in Toronto and can be reached at:
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2 Responses to Aussie movie on Kapyong

  1. The Aussies actually completed the docu-drama Kapyong. We premiered it on the 50th Anniversary and it is actually available now on the webstore

  2. Gary Hobbs says:

    I’d like to thank Dan Bjarnason for his contribution and dedication to a part of our Military history so much overlooked. Looking forward to the book release i believe in April.



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